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Be an inspiration!

Let's make a Call for Peace Now and collectively change a generation.

- The Night Fighters

About Us

Founder and CEO

My name is Joel Bell, Youth Violence Prevention Coordinator and Founder of the Night Fighters of America. The Night Fighters of America is an organization that works with youth to eliminate violence and drug use while raising their self esteem and teaching them respect for others.


Through performances, skits and motivational speeches, we tackle topics such as: violence, suicide, drugs, bullying peer pressure and abuse. Our goal is to provide practical solutions that help young people cope with everyday circumstances to let them know they are not alone. Over a span of 20 years, the Night Fighters of America has reached over 300,000 children in Georgia and neighboring states. As we expand our message nationwide, we ask the community to join in and support us by bringing verbal and visual awareness to the need for Peace.


To get involved, join the  "A Call for Peace Now Challenge" and share the message with family, friends and colleagues.

Collectively, we can make a difference in the lives of our children. 

1. Community Empowerment: To mobilize a coalition of educators, parents, and concerned citizens dedicated to safeguarding the welfare of our youth.

 2.Violence Prevention: To actively reduce violence within schools, homes, and communities, fostering inclusivity regardless of race, creed, color, or nationality.

3.Youth Empowerment: To create an environment where our youth can thrive, realizing their fullest potential and pursuing their dreams.

4. Safe Learning Spaces: To establish secure school environments where students can concentrate on their education free from the threat of harassment, bullying, verbal, or physical abuse.

5. Promoting Healthy Relationships: To inspire young individuals to seek non-violent relationships and to report any instances of violence, ensuring their safety and well-being.






1. National Support Hub: Establish ourselves as a leading national resource dedicated to combating violence against young people.

2. Comprehensive Programs: Develop nationwide initiatives addressing crucial topics like bullying, conflict resolution, racial and social acceptance, gang activity, physical abuse, and more.

3. Unified Advocacy: Form a national ambassadors program, uniting parents, teachers, community leaders, and citizens into a visible and cohesive force, championing the cause of our youth against violence.




"You no longer have to be afraid of the dark...

For now you have a friend

in the shadows."


​                             -The Night Fighters


Meet Ashley Bell, our Community Advocate and Communications Manager, dedicated to positive change. Inspired by her Father's legacy, Ashley empowers the youth through skits, poetry, workshops, and motivational speeches. Ashley provides hope and guidance, helping young individuals make wise decisions.

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