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A Youth Violence Prevention Organization




                                                                                                                                                                                    A CALL FOR PEACE NOW   












                                  Please, do NOT throw this letter away; this message could save a child’s life!





WHO: The Night Fighters of America, a violence prevention organization, is calling on all citizens to sign the peace petition and become Ambassadors for Peace. Come join us for the Call for Peace Now Movement.  E-mail us for additional details: .


WHAT:  The movement's goal is to connect cities, states and communities across the nation on behalf of our kids.  We need peace against bullying, drugs, suicide, child abuse, school shootings, human trafficking and all other societal ills that negatively affect our children. Collectively, we can draw attention to this growing dilemma and work together to alter the mindsets of our youth in our fight against violence.


What is an Ambassador for Peace?  An Ambassador for Peace is a person who pledges to:

  • bring awareness to the growing violence affecting our kids

  • be a spokesperson committed to speaking  up for the betterment of our youth

  • participate in ongoing Night Fighters violence prevention activities and engage others to join the cause


WHEN: On Sept 27th, 2014


WHERE: It will take place in Pickens County. The exact location and address will be announced. 


Please do not allow this letter to stop here. Your involvement and ideas are valuable.  Send this letter to at least 20 friends, neighbors or colleagues; ask them to do the same - spread the word and show their display of support.


Let us know you're on board!  Become an Ambassador for Peace and by visiting our website at and clicking the "Ambassador" button.  Help make this movement an annual event by signing the Call for Peace Petition, located on the homepage of our website. Thank you in advance from the Night Fighters of America.  May God bless you, your family and especially our children. 




Yours Truly,

Joel  Bell

Joel Bell

CEO of Night Fighters of America

P.O. Box 787

Red Oak, GA 30272


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