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Use your voice and talent to speak up for our youth!





Who: Calling All Concerned Citizens, Motivational Speakers, Musicians, Singers, Dancers, Poets, Painters, Artists, Parents, Youth and Community Leaders. No one is exempt...everyone is invited to join the movement.


What: You have been officially challenged!  The "A Call for Peace Now Challenge" encourages everyone to speak up against youth violence! Simply use your voice or talent to express what PEACE means to you and why we all need it NOW! It can be a speech, song, interpretive dance, artwork, rap or any creative way you decide to bring awareness to the need for PEACE in our communities. Don't keep this powerful message of PEACE to yourself. Spread the awareness to others by using hashtag #acallforpeacenowchallenge. Now that you have been challenged, you must challenge others.


When: The Challenge Begins Now. Use hashtag #acallforpeacenowchallenge to start bringing awareness to the and tell others to use their talents and abilities to do the same.


Where:  The challenge takes place on Social Media. You can simply respond to this challenge by uploading your display of talent or add comments that address the growing trend of youth violence and the need for peace.  Use hashtag #acallforpeacenowchallenge



Why: We are tired of the senseless killings taking place in our society. We must all take a stand to speak out against youth violence and violence of any kind. If we remain silent, we lose our power.






An Example Submission: A poem called, A Call for Peace Now

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